Windows xp an invalid argument was encountered

i install on a windows xp home edition a prog for dvr "video viewer" and "emap an invalid argument was encountered" appear when i run the problem,,, what is the problem
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  1. Did you try uninstalling and re-installing the program? Has this always happened? If not can you think of anything that was changed or added to the system right before the program started crashing?

    Does the error happen at startup of the program or when you try to do something in it?
  2. yes i tried install and uninstall the prog, and i disabled the firewall and everything but still have the same problem.
    the error happen directly at start up without doing anything
    thks bro
  3. What's the program exactly? Want to check if there are any known compatability issues.
  4. Check the event viewer for some more details.
    start-->run-->eventvwr.msc-->look in the application and system logs for errors (red X's).
  5. the program is videoviewer.exe
  6. start-->run-->msconfig-->remove it from the startup services.
  7. But i need to run this program to record my videos,
    Notification: the program run fine on my laptop using windows XP, but i need to be run on my PC using also windows Xp a
  8. Do a windows search for 'videoviewer,' and delete anything it finds.

    Then try reinstalling the application.
  9. Same problem sir!!!!!
  10. When i try this solution i have this error in the application logs (Faulting application videoviewer.exe, version, faulting module emap.dll, version, fault address 0x000042a0.)
    What is the problem??
  11. Were you able to delete all of the search results? If so, download ccleaner, and use the registry tool to clean up the registry. You may need to run it several times to resolve all the issues.

    Then boot into safe mode. Open the task manager, and make sure nothing associated with videoviewer is running. Then try reinstalling it.
  12. hi brother...
    stil the same problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Bueno, pues resulta que resolvi el problema aqui esta lo que a mi me funciono por si alguien mas llega a este foro buscando ayuda.

    - Intente reemplazando el archivo Emap.dll del equipo donde si estaba trabajando bien pero no funciono.

    Y lo que resolvio el problema fue cambiando el idioma de la aplicacion desde la opcion de configuracion (CONTROL MISCELANEO) - CUSTOM SETTINGS, es posible que hubiera funcionado tambien cambiando alguna configuracion regional del windows, pero si funciona no lo toco.

    Espero que a otras personas les pueda servir.

    Well, it turns out that solved the problem here's what worked for me if someone else comes into this forum looking for help.

    - Try replacing the file Emap.dll of the computer was working fine but if it did not work.

    And what the problem was resolved by changing the language of the application from the configuration option (Miscellaneous Control) - CUSTOM SETTINGS, you may have worked well changing any windows locale, but if it works do not play.

    I hope that they can serve others.
  14. go tu C:\Program Files\VideoViewer rename the emap.dll to oldemap.dll
    that all :bounce:

    it work for me
  15. thank's seowquan, it's work for me to
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