4000X2 Temps

I have some questions regarding my 4000X2 Temps, as well as HT link speeds.


AMD 4000X2+ (@2.97GHz) Stock Cooler
Corsair XMS2 2GB DDR2 (2x1GB) 800Mhz
OCZ 550 Watt PSU

Now recently with my new GPU upgrade Ive been hitting some pretty blatant bottlenecks (When it was at stock 2.1Ghz) so Ive managed to push it to 2.­9-3.0 on standard 1.3v. HT link @ 3x however the temps (according to speedfan) are 70-78 under load, and only about 10 degrees less when idle. I was concerned with this as I righfully should be so I set everything back to stock and the temps were only about 5-10 degress less. Idling at 55, hitting about 68 under load. Is there a temperature reading error with my speedfan, or can anyone reccoment another monitoring program. As well, when I am supposedly hitting temps 75 degrees + when running SuperPi, I am getting no errors or hang times of any sort, even after an hour on both workers.

Thanks in advance
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  1. I haven't used this program, but you might want to try hmonitor. And then of course there's your BIOS temperature monitors, available through the BIOS menus.
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