Q6600 on P5Q-PRO Help with my settings? (please;)

So here's what I'm running now and it looks stable in the p95 tests I've done so far. I'm not worried about temps at all right now, I'm worried about excessive voltages in some of the places I don't understand, which is just about all the voltages except CPU and DRAM.

I got to this point mostly following the sticky and tons of great posts I've found. But I really would love some more experienced OC'rs to sort of look over it and make any suggestions and tell me I've I've made any mistakes.

Q6600 G0 on Asus p5q-pro

pcie 100
fsb strap to nb auto
dram freq 801
dram timing auto
dram static read auto
dram read training auto
mem oc twister auto
ai clock twister auto
ai transaction booster auto
cpu volt 1.35 (VID is 1.3250 :(
cpu gtl ref auto
cpu pll volt 1.5
fsb termination voltage 1.3
dram voltage 2.0
nb voltage 1.3
sb voltage auto
pcie sata volt auto
LLC Enabled Not stable without it :(
cpu spread spectrum disabled
pcie apread spectrum disabled
cpu clock skew auto
nb clock skew auto
cpu margin enhancement optimized
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More about q6600 settings please
  1. Looks fine.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I could really use some feedback though. I cant believe that I've bumbled into ideal setting? Too good to be true.


    I was searching and reading everything I could find about OC'ing this board and I found a post that said basically that if you set a voltage to it's min in bios that it would take that as AUTO and automatically way overvolt it so I've set my cpu pll to 1.52 and nb to 1.22.

    Those are the sort of pitfalls I'm looking for help with, and just suggestions on lowering voltages in general. Since I really dont understand what most of them do and the long term effects of being high or low on them :(
  3. Also, I want to run my ram in 1:1 the logic being that while it may be a myth that it increases performance, it should definitely reduce the workload for the NB and allow that much lower voltage/heat. But in my bios it says my dram frequency is 801mhz (fsb is 400) shouldn't it be 800mhz? When I manually set my strap to nb at 400 the 801 becomes 800 but it wont post and I had to pull the battery to get it to post. Any advice?
  4. anyone :(?
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