Calling all tech Gurus....

Hi guys,
I just bought a used BGF 680i SLI motherboard but on BFG webpage it doesnt show what memory is supported by this motherboard.
I tried emailing them several, but never heard from them
So can u guys please help me out with this issue so i can go ahead and complete my system.
Thanks in advance
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  1. It takes ddr2 800. 4 sticks with 8gb max.

    Did a simple google search and found it at newegg:

    This your board? Are you asking what memory as in ram speed? Or, what memory as in what ram brand/ecc or non-ecc, fb or unbuffered?

    If it's that board it should run 800Mhz fine, or pretty much any DDR2 memory.

    I didn't see a list anywhere of tested memory... if you want a recommendation get this:
  3. or this, extremely flexible and robust stuff...and you can tell from the reviews and number of people who buy it, that it's definitely perferred.
  4. hi guys thx for the replys.
    srry if i was not clear wid my post.
    boomhowar i wanted to know wat ram brand is supported by the motherboard. cause iam living in UK so i have to order from the local suppliers.
    and brands like g.skill and mushkin are very rare here. most popular are corsair, kingston, crucial and ocz. so i have to decide among them.
    since proximon said that any module of ddr2 will run with it i have searched and here are some links to the memory modules that you can give your recommendation on.

    also is it true that cas 5 modules are more compatible than cas4 modules??
    thx in advance
  5. Not exactly true. Many Cl4 sticks have higher voltage requirements, and so if the BIOS leaves the voltage at default the computer may not boot.

    I think that first link to the Kingston would be fine.
  6. i live in the UK aswell so have come across this problem, i use OCZ and have found its very reliable.
  7. thx very much for all your help guys.
    i went for the corsair cas5 2GB memory and its working great.
    thx again.
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