problem with pc8500 kingstone hyperx

hi there i have a gigabyte GA-P35DS3R (rev2.1) at F12 Bios version ,and E8400 WORKS at 3.6 (400x9) 2 slots of memory kingstone PC8500D2/1G and PCI-E ATI X1950 PRO WITH PSU 350WATT
i insalled the new memory and increased its volt by +0.2 and +0.4 but still reads 800 mhz i increased the multip to 2.5 it reads 1000 but when i logged to windows xp sp3 and run CPUZ it doesn't list it as 1066 (533) like the picture i've tryed all slots of mobo
now whats wrong
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  1. Yep it's only being recognized as 800Mhz RAM. This is just a recognition problem... unless Kingston sold you 800Mhz as 1066.

    You clearly have it running at 1000.

    You do understand that the "SPD" tab is just information gathered about your RAM? It's just potential settings... not a statement of what your RAM is currently doing.

    It's data that your motherboard gathered from your RAM. Your RAM has a small ROM that has information stored on it... stuff to help you and your motherboard configure. If this is not a read failure, if it is incomplete data on your RAM sticks, it still does not mean the memory is PC6400.

    You'll have slightly better performance if you just match your DRAM and FSB frequencies. If you are going to run your CPU at 400 FSB x 9, then your RAM should be at 400 x2, 1:1.

    So it's not recognized as 1066... it's running 1000 stable? There is no problem. Likely you could run it at 1066, but your FSB has to be at a frequency to match. If you lowered the FSB to 266 you could get the RAM at 1066.... possibly you could even OC the RAM to 1333 if you had your FSB at 333.

    You might be able to flash your RAM, just as you would your BIOS, and that might fix this info display problem... but why? You have memory clearly able to run at 1000, you currently only need 800, so I would say you are in good shape.
  2. thanks man for reply
    this ram like many other pc8500 doesn't contain EPP Which tell the mobo about it's type so u have to handle it manualy
    i increased thier volt by 0.3 and adjusted timing to 5-5-5-15 and it works fine at 1000 mhs with multi 2.5
    fsb 400*9
  3. Ok... Just go to the bios and figure out where your current FSB is and then set the ratio so that you get the ram to run at 1066. You will have to set the ratio in your bios. One more time... RATIO... NOT voltage. With your FSB modified, your ratio will also vary in order to get the desired frequency. Some frequencies are not going to be avalaible. Best way to find that out... go into the bios.
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