AGP slot on motherboard gone bad???

I use my desktop for trading for a living so this is VERY VERY important. I trade across 3 monitors, normally in this config:
-CRT + LCD --> ATI 7500 Radeon (PCI slot)
-LCD --> ATI 8500DV all-in-wonder (AGP slot)

Everything was fine until all of a sudden my computer locked up, always on the screen that the AGP card controlled. I would reboot over & over until it worked. Then it would work for a while, but if I left it alone for a while, it would lock up again. I thought ultimately it was a windows issue or AGP driver issue (but I've been using this comp for 5 years w/ no problems).

But then when I turned my computer on, it actually gave me gibberish on the screen (think colorful random ASCII symbols/letters blinking on/off & filling the whole screen) right after it ran the boot memory test. So it therefore was a hardware issue & had nothing to do with windows. Obviously something has gone 'bad' in my PC.

So figuring it was a problem w/ the video card in the AGP slot since it always occurred that screen, I bought a replacement ATI 8500DV for $70 from ATI. And of course, it worked beautifully the first time I booted, but I just turned it on this morning and the same s--t is happening again.

However, when I remove the AGP card entirely, and only use my ATI 7500 + the 2 screens, my computer works 100% fine, no problems at all. I would imagine if it were a bad power supply, memory, or anything else, that my comp. would be quirky regardless of the AGP card, but it's not. So.....

-So does this mean that the motherboard AGP slot has gone bad?
-My power supply doesn't feed the AGP card directly, only the motherboard. Is it possible for a single slot on a mb to go bad like that?
-Is there any way to test this? Or is there any utility that will run some tests on my hardware and figure out which is bad?
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  1. Your guesses are quite good. There are no motherboard tests you can do at home to figure out if it's the AGP slot, but yes motherboards can fail in that way.

    Your power supply could also be to blame, because as they get older they become less efficient and do not supply the amount of power or the quality of power needed.

    5 years is quite acceptable for the life of parts like this.

    I hope you have a good back up system. Sometimes boards have sort of a cascade effect and fail worse a day or a week later.

    Start with a new PSU. Make it a good one that you could potentially build a new rig on, because you may end up replacing many parts.

    If that doesn't do the job, you'll need a new system. Something with dual PCI-E slots, a quad core, new memory.
  2. Yup, that's what I figured and have been reading up (it's been 5 years) on all the latest stuff. For my purposes, I've come up with this so far, I still need to figure out which fans, power supply, and case to get (in that order):
    MB: Asus P5Q-E
    CPU: Intel Q9550
    GPU: 2 x Sapphire ATI 3650's (I use 3 monitors for trading)
    Mem: 2x2gb Corsair XMS2 DHX DDR2 800 (the ones w/ the large heatsinks on them)
    Hd: 2 x WD640gb
    Power Supply: TBD (probably 650w though)
    Case: TBD (after picking all components, will pick case to fit them all)

    I'll go to the cooling forum and ask about the fans now.

    Tnx for the reply.
  3. That's some great choices.

    Newegg has some excellent combo deals on really nice, well cooled cases and PSUs right now... like this:
    Which comes in combo with an Antec Signature 650W... quite possibly the best 650W you can buy in the US.

    If not that, then look at the Corsair 750TX. Less money, top rated.
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