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Any help will be really appreciated thanks .. I have a 1 tb hdd with Windows 7 64 bit on that I boot off of but I also have a 500 gb hdd with ubuntu 64 bit on it and as I have ubuntu on my laptop I decided I would format the 500 gb hdd and just use the pc for Windows 7 but the problem is I can't seem to get Windows to see the hdd to format it ... So any info on how I could this would be really cool
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    You probably need to initialize the HDD in question. Right click on Computer, Click Manage, then go to Disk Manager. Initialize the drive if it doesn't automatically ask to be initialized. Once that is done delete off any partitions and create a new one. Quick Format and you are away. Alternatively go to Control Panel, Select Administrative Tools, Computer Management then Disk Manager. Initialize and format the drive as instructed.
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  3. Thanks that's worked perfect
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