I have a problem, i think. I have a SATA WD 500 GB hard drive. I recently took my old 40 GB Hitachi IDE hard drive and installed it into my computer. My computer boots up and everything just fine, my problem is how do I save directly to my 40 GB Hitachi just for pictures and stuff like that? I can't find an option on how to transfer from one drivr to another.


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  1. Well does your 40GB drive have a drive letter? If so can't you just copy the files by drag & drop? You need to give more details before we can help you out.
  2. It doesn't thats basically what my problem is. The only drive letter I have is C, which is my WD 500 GB hd.
  3. So your problem is that the new 40GB drive is not being detected? Does it get detected in the BIOS? If not; check your cables and jumpers. If it does get detected in BIOS, you may need to check Disk Management:

    Click start, right click My Computer, click Manage, click Disk Management. Here your disk should be listed. If its listed as Uninitialized you may need to initialize it before you can use it. This will destroy all current data on the drive though.
  4. It is in my bios. does it matter that my Sata hard drive is the fifth master and the IDE is the second master?
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