Corsair 650tx Vs 550vx

Why is 650w corsair 20kn about 4 dolars more expensive.What is diffrence with vx and tx series.650 has aprox 100w more and more amps on 12v but its only 4 $ more than 550vx.Both are not modular.650 is even built by seasonic and 550vx by cwt.Im im dilema which PSU to take.
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  1. I think a few $ extra is a no brainer since the TX is a bit more future proof in that it got 2 x 8-pin or 2x6-pin PCI-E connectors which the newer gpus use.
  2. I use the TX650w to power the system you see in my sig. Some stuff not included in sig are (Antec 300 case, 3 SATA hard drives, 20x dual lay SATA DVD-RW, and an Audigy ZS 2 sound card). It runs the system with no hickups what so ever, so I would recommend it. I was in the same delima as you were, but ultimately went with the TX650w. It just made more sense to me. It is very good for the money imo.


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