Q6600 - Overclocking Noob =/

So I've recently built my PC and I'm having a little bit of trouble OCing my processor. Here are my specs:

Q6600 C2Q G0 Stepping
Gigabyte EP45T-UD3LR Mobo
8gb DDR3 1333 Mhz Ram by G. Skill
Watercooling on CPU, Temps are < 27 Degrees at 3.0 Ghz

Right now I'm running at 3.0 ghz with these voltages:

EDIT: http://tinypic.com/r/6ygkea/5 Here if this pic doesn't work.

I'm clocked at 333 x 9 bus speed, with the ram clocked at the specified 1333mhz. Also, I had to set the ram voltages to auto in order to get the PC to boot, but in BIOS it says the DRAM voltage are set to 1.7v.. this seems scary to me, but the PC is stable, passing 12h of Prime95, so...

I'd like to push as far as I can past this, but I'm stuck here. I think my NB might have something to do with this, as it is very hot to the touch when the computer is on. Are there any changes I should make to the voltages, or could there be other reasons I can't break this barrier?

Thanks for your help,

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  1. Couple things you can try. First lower your memory speed, 2nd remove 2 memory sticks and then try overclocking some more.

    If you keep the 4 memory sticks, you'll most likely have to keep a high NB voltage. You also have a passive NB cooler, so I'd strap on a 60mm fan to the NB.
  2. "very hot to the touch" that doesn't sound good at all. What's your NB voltage set to?
  3. It's only set to 1.2v. The standard is 1.1v, and from what I've read thats not much of a jump.

    I just picked up a fan for my NB, so hopefully that will drop temperatures quite a bit.

    EDIT: Ok, so I've noticed a considerable stability increase with the installation of that fan. I'm now up to 3.2ghz by raising the CPU PLL voltage from 1.75 to 1.85v, but I'm once again stuck. Still have real low CPU temps, around 50 degrees at full load. I'd like to push this thing even further... any suggestions? Thanks again for the help =D
  4. little bump because edit doesn't do it ><
  5. I'm a bit of a noob myself but to me it sounds like RAM. You could try underclocking your ram and see if that allows vastly higher cpu clocks and a cooler NB. At least then you'd be more sure where the problem was.

    EDIT: Also that CPU PLL voltage seems scary high to me, from what I understand that bordering near the danger zone for long-term health.
  6. you shouldn't need that much volatege, try 1.4 and try 400x9 if you didn't yet, for some reason 350-390 didn't work for me (have the same cpu) i am only using ddr2 800, so i am allready at my rams limit, but because it is still within the limit no need for ram voltage increase
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