Asus vs Gigabyte which one is better

I am plannig to have a new motherboard to match my Q9450 processor.


Graphic card :
Sapphire Toxic HD4850

Thanks for the help
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  1. Go for Asus P5E3/Deluxe/Wi-fi with Asus HD4850
  2. I generally stick with Gigabyte boards, but I think with either you`ll fine in terms of driver support. Quality of components will come down to what models you look at from either company. Just wondering, do you need the features of the `DS4P`model or are the features of the `DS3R` enough? I ask because there's a good price jump, and I'd rather get an X48 if spending over $200!

  3. this is more of a subjective question. both boards have their respective pros and cons, and neither is completely failure-proof. just go with the cheaper one or the one that has more features that interest you. as for the video card, definitely get the 4850. it's a faster card.
  4. Having just experienced a horrendous support episode with Asus, and my last Gigabyte board arriving DOA as confirmed with gigabyte tech support.
    I have to recommend DFI, good boards and very stable. Also Intel is very stable. Stick with a board that uses DDR2, DDR3 is just a waste of money.
    Unless you require the feature sets of anything above a P35 board, you would be well served by a P35 board.
    I like my XFX 8800GT video card.
  5. Asus has better quality than Gigabyte.....In the last 3 years I had bad experience with Gigabyte motherboards .... One DOA another one Just Die... Could not survive a 24x7 Operational requirement of my PC.

    My early Asus boards are old and obsolete... The darn thing still runs...24x7.

    When we play for > 20hrs straight to finish a game in one shot....The gigabyte boards did not cut it. Theres just too many kinks and issues.

    When I'm not playing my PCs runs design and simulation software. Its always on 24x7. Some of my task have run time from 4 hrs to 2 weeks. I can't afford hang ups or BSOD. Its too costly for me.

    Reliable motherboards that i use is from Intel & Asus. When i use AMD CPU i use Asus Motherboard. CHIP-SET i prefer Intel and NVIDIA regardless of the motherboard maker.

    Thats my recommendation as reference to my needs its your choice...
  6. Half the people will say ASUS and the other half will say Gigabyte. Some people will only by ASUS(me :) ) and some people will only buy Gigabyte.

    Either one will be good. Like Nik_I said go for the cheaper board. BUT IF you are going to Crossfire the HD4850 getthe X38/X48 chipset like Jevon said.

    The Q9450 is a good overclocker, Make sure you get a good heatsink and fan. and IF you are going to overclock get DDR2-1000 or higher. The Q9450 will do 450FBS on air most of the time. If you get DDR2-800 the RAM may hold you back. Not all DDR2-800 will make it to 900 or 1066.

    The P5E Deluxe is the X48 Chipset and is alot cheaper then the Rampage Formula and its the same board minus the LCD Poster and the onboard buttons.

    Dont go with DDR3, its cost to much money compaired to DDR2 and you will not see that big of a difference on day to day use.

    When you look at the boards, make sure that the board has all the options you need (ie: firewire, enough USB, eSATA, RAID).

    The HD4850 is faster then the 8800GT, Its faster then the 9800 GTX in most cases. The 8800GT is a good card it will run most games. The other question is what resolution are you going to be running. If you are going to be running at a high resolution, the HD4870 might be a better choice.

  7. It is a subjective question, your only going to hear about failures and your going to see that from any brand board. I've used Asus, Abit, MSI, Foxcon, Soyo and my current personal pc is a Gigabyte. Out of all the computers I have built over the years I have never had a board arrive DOA. I have never had a board fail. I have had only one that had a problem and it was driver realated and that was Asus. I won't buy from Asus anymore, not because of problems with that board or its drivers but because of Asus web site being so damm slow when it works at all.
  8. I guess I'll throw my $.02 in. I owned an Asus before and a Gigabyte now. I have definitely seen pro's and cons in both and may definitely look into DFI next. I don't think there is a perfectly stable board right now, as manufacturer's have to rush their stuff to market or get left behind. I agree with the issues with Asus' technical support. My brother has an Asus x38 board right now that took almost a month to get returned when he tried to update the BIOS when it wouldn't properly detect a Q9450. I had an older Asus that just didn't have enough BIOS options. Right now I have a Gigabyte EP45-DS3R which is ok...but does exhibit the some minor issues at times. It has severe Vdrop and Vdroop which come into play when overclocking. It also has rare and random boot issues where when you turn it on it reverts back to stock settings (after trying to reboot a few times). Once I go into the BIOS hit F10 and reboot it is fine again, running my CPU at 3.4GHz. I also have the XFX 8800GT mentioned above and love it so far. I hear great things about the 4850 and 4870 though and with prices going down those are probably the way to go.
  9. I've owned a lot of ASUS boards and one Gigabyte. The Gigabyte died withing two days, so I sent it back and got an ASUS. I've got two computers with ASUS boards that have been running 24/7 for about two months now. One has an AMD chip, the other an Intel. Both are overclocked. OK, lets make it obvious, I'm happy with the ASUS boards. Gigabyte no doubt makes some good boards, but I don't have any good feelings about my one experience.
  10. Pick whichever one is cheaper for the equivalent features. Look at DFI as well, when looking at roundups and reviews they seem to be doing better then they have in the past.

    As far as QC is concerned all companies experience a certain percentage of boards DOA. If you look at reviews (like at newegg) you can get an idea of what kind of customer service to expect if it does show up DOA, but disregard reviewers that didn't purchase the product from the site, as fanbois and company people will post FUD about opposing boards just to try to gain a slight advantage.

  11. IMO, Asus is putting their best foot forward in the wake of the allegations
    made by GByte.
  12. Thumbs Up for Asus!!

    Middle finger for Gigabyte :P
  13. Thanks for the lovely help

    Best Regards,
  14. Oh, and I have the Toxic 4850 and its a sweet card. Runs VERY cool (35C at idle and maybe 50C under load) and is just very nice.
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