Asus Maximus Formula mb q9650 and 8Gb RAM = Happy and FAST

I am new to the forums. I am writing this post to hopefully help anyone who was running to my overclocking issues. I could not get my machine stable. All the threads I found online only dealt with 4gb of ram or 6, not too many with 8gb of ram or my same chip. Here are the specs for my machine:

Q9650: overclocked to 3.92, liquid cooled
8gb Corsair Dominator 1066 Ram: Underclocked to 870
DRAM Timing : 4-4-4-14, 2t (1:1)
Main HD: Velociraptor 300Gb
Secondary HD: WD 1.5TB
Third HD: WD 320 Green Caviar
LG BH08LS20 Blu Ray drive/burner
Thermaltake Bigwater 760is liquid cooling unit
45ow Antec power supply (came with my Antec case)

These are the only settings i changed in my bios (v 1302) latest for my board from Asus website:

multiplier: 9
fsb: 435
strap: 333
DRAM Timing: 4-4-4-14
Command rate: 2t
vcore: 1.40
nb: 1.49
Ram voltage: 2.18
AI Clock: Strong

All other settings we're auto or enabled. I choose to under clock my ram to 870 for the tighter DRAM timings and the 1:1 ratio. I ran p95 for 6 hours and reached a max temp of 62 degrees. I was happy after 6 hours and stopped running the test. I have been running the machine for one month now and have not had any issues until i installed the lg drive. But I am posting that on another thread.

Hopefully this will be able to help someone else who maybe in a stuck at a certain point.
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  1. Well when i originaly build this machine last year, I used the power supply it came with, and i never thought i would be upgrading it to the state it is at now. I am looking into getting a new one, any good suggestions? As far as size, brand?
  2. Wow, listen to Zipzoomflyhigh. That power supply is inadequate for your scenario. I would recommend a high quality PSU such as Get it and save the rest of your components. Otherwise your next post will be [ Asus Maximus Formula mb q9650 and 8Gb RAM = Blown up and very unhappy ]
  3. I am just curious. How many secs it takes to crunch 1m super pi?
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