Vaslty different core temps. E8500

hi, long time user of the site, first time poster :kaola:

Ok, to the point, not to long ago i got my EP45-ds3, INTEL E8500, and a nocrtua cooler.

Using real Temp i am a bit worried about the temperature difference between the two cores. On idle i am getting 26/32, that is a big difference between cores.

Also, looking at the two core usage, it looks like more of the load gets shoved to one core, though both do get used, a vast ammount does get shoved to one core

please comment
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  1. Well, sure one core will be used more than the other.

    Yes 6 degrees is kind of a big spread, but the numbers are excellent.

    What are the temps when prime95 is running?
  2. 1) Some of the 45nm cores have stuck sensors. This only affects idle temperatures readings, not load. What happens is the sensor can't give a reading below a certain number.. it sticks. So your hotter core may stick at 32 degrees and can't give a reading any lower than that. It's possible the 32 degree core is actually cooler than its reporting.

    2) In Vista you can set the affinity of a program to make it run on a specific core:

    3) Did you calibrate RealTemp for idle temperatures? To me it looks like you did. Below 60°C RealTemp will inaccurately report the core temperature because apparently the DTS sensor does not measure temperature linearly below this point. The E8x00 series tends to report temperatues 5°C too high between idle and about 60°C. In real temp you can adjust for this for more accurate readings. Read more about it here:
  3. hi guysm first of all thanks for the replys :D

    i didn't try Prime95, though i tried OCCT. I only ran for 5 mins, as don't have much time at the moment. Temps got up to 32 and 39 degrees. Still has that same spread amungst the cores.

    I also did the test sensors feature on Real Temp

    that was the result i got...

    this may sound a tad syupid, but it does not make much sense to me.

    ar, and one other thing, i'll read those links once i get home leter tonight

  4. any other comments???
  5. Normal
  6. Hi,
    I also have a pretty large difference of core temps. From what I've read its not a big deal, but at idle, it is about 9 degrees C. When loaded under prime 95 I also get about 6-7 degree difference.
    (temps are from speedfan and realtemp)
    Since both of them are typically <40 degrees idle, and less than 50 at load I'm not really worried about it.

  7. ok thanks for your help guys :).

    JW do you have the stock cooler? and is it OCed?
  8. I think you are fine, just keep monitoring it.
  9. RMA'ed it this morning, i couldnt help it :'(

    though the new one, i "think" it has a stuck sensor. It sits at 32 at idle, though sometimes under load will go up to 33, and sometimes will jump up to 44 quickly (same as other core)
  10. any one?
  11. at all?
  12. on real temp try the temp sensor button
  13. tried that, it says it is stuck
  14. anyone
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