4870 - Motherboard specs?

I'm contemplating buying one of the new ATI 4870 cards but I'm unsure if it will work in my motherboard. Currently I have an ASUS P5B motherboard. It runs my 8800gts fine but the 4870 is a little newer. Will I need a motherboard upgrade and what would I need to look for on a new motherboard to run this card.

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  1. The card will work just fine in that board. But it depends on what your using the system for and what the rest of your componets are like cpu and memory to figure out if its really worth adding the card to it.
  2. As long as your mobo has a PCIe 16x slot, there isn't any reason this card would work on it. Since you have the 8800gts, there is absolutely no reason that upgrading to a different PCIe card would not work. Only thing you have to worry about is power consumption... I know that the 4870 uses a little more power than an 8800gts, but as long as your PSU is even halfway decent you should be fine. The worst case scenario with a bigger graphics card would be that the PSU is inadequate, and you'd have to upgrade to a better one. Also keep in mind that the 4870 has two 6-pin power connectors, and that your 8800gts has one. Even if your PSU only has one, don't go out and buy a new one just because, try a 4-pin molex to 6-pin PCIe adaptor first... couple bucks on newegg.
  3. Thanks very much for the replies! My current rigs is as followed:

    E6600 - OC'ed to 3.2ghz
    Asus P5B Mobo
    4gb 800mhz Crucial Ballistix Tracer DDR2 RAM
    Evga 8800gts 320mb
    400gb hd space
    700w PSU
    CM690 Case (soon to be modding :D)

    What I was worried about was this DDR5 Memory that the card has, whats that all about?
  4. yeah your system looks fine for the 4870 and the gddr5 memory is new memory they put on the radeonj 4870 and its just bettery memory it can go up to like 7000 mhz or something high like that lol so overall just get the 4870 lol
  5. haha sweet. What about the x2 (is it out yet, if not, when it does come out) will my motherboard also support that?
  6. yeah it will support that too as long as a mobo has a pcie x16 slot and sufficient supporting parts (psu and such) it should be fine
  7. Hey,

    I second the power consumption... as long as you have a decent enough power supply (if you could provide the brand I am sure people can comment) you will be fine. The wattage of the power supply generally does not matter (it does, but the brand is generally more important). I recommend Corsair, OCZ, or Thermaltake power supplies personally. If you were able to supply enough power for an 8800-series card; you should be fine for the 4870, it draws a little bit more than those cards.

    With regards to your question about the GDDR5 memory; ATI and NVIDIA took different approaches to achieve more memory bandwidth with both of their new cards (NVIDIA 260/280, ATI - 4850/4870). NVIDIA increased the bus-width of their memory to 468-bit and 512-bit but kept the memory as GDDR3, so the bus-width allowed for much higher bandwidth. ATI however decided to keep the bus-width at 256-bit, and increased the memory to GDDR5 memory; therefore allowing for more bandwidth. Two different approaches; GDDR5 being a bit cooler :) (not hot/cold cool, kick-a$$ cool). I would say it is inevitable that ATI will switch to 512-bit bus in the next couple years, and also will definately go to 1GB of RAM, but why would they right now when they have a better card for half the money, and didn't have to do it :). Just goes to show that taking a small chance on a new technology (GDDR5) can pay off.

    Oh; and if you had a board that ran an 8800-series card; it will be fine to run the 4870, as long as it has a PCI-Express slot, and it is x16 you are good... the only speculation I would have would be to worry about it if you wanted to run two of them :) (which you cannot). You may have a bit of a CPU-bottleneck there with the E6600, and will eventually have to upgrade you CPU to see the full potential of the new card, but it will still show a good improvement over the 8800 card.

    Just my two cents.
  8. OK, the 4870X2 will probably be bottlenecked in a PCI-E 1 slot, even at x16. That's like a PCI-E 2 slot at x8, and we know that HD 4850 Crossfire is bottlenecked on P45 chipsets i.e. PCI-E 2 slots at x8.

    If you get a HD 4870 you'll be fine.

    If you get a HD 4870x2 it should still work, but I'm guessing it will not be at its best. Too early to tell since the card is not out yet. Get a GA-EP43-DS3L or something else with a PCI-E 2 slot to make it happy.

    A 700W PSU should be able to handle HD 4870x2 and even a quad CPU and a disk or two, no worries.
  9. Thanks for all the comments, greatly appreciated!
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