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Hi People,

May laptop has two drives in a RAID0 (Striping) configuration. I just made a clone of the drive and have replaced the old drives.

If I place the old RAID0 drives in an external RAID case, will this destroy the data on the drive? I'm a noob with RAID and thought I should ask before I start experimenting; however, if no one is really sure, then it's trial-and-error.

Anyway, thanks for you help in advance.

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  1. This kind of experimenting is very dangerous indeed. Especially if you don't want to loose the data on the RAID0.

    If you have a full backup, that backup can be used to restore the RAID array; since all RAID configurations is on the disks themselves (the last sector of each HDD).

    So if you have a clone (make sure this is a RAW disk image not just the partition or something) you can restore your situation.

    Placing the disks in an external RAID case would overwrite the last metadata sector which stores all the RAID array data. So yeah this is dangerous; but if you keep your clone it would be possible to recover.

    Its also possible that by setting up a new RAID0 array in that external casing; it would have access to the data on the RAID-array. But this only works if the external RAID casing uses the exact same settings: disk order, RAID level, stripesize, offset and metadata location.

    For the same reason, basically any RAID can be recovered using software RAID under Linux/BSD. Just make sure what you're doing, especially if the data is considered important.
  2. Hi Sub Mesa,

    Thank you for the answer.

    I just wanted to make sure before I connected the old drives in teh external case.

    My first experiment was to clone the laptop raid drives to the external raid, but the cloning software had problems with this. So, I cloned the laptop raid drives to an external USB drive. Then I replaced the old drives with the new drive and cloned the USB drive back to the laptop. Which is currently working.

    The question was raised, because the external case manual says I have to push the 'change mode' button each time when the disks are replaced. I kind of figured that the data would be lost, because the external raid is on the case itself.


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