Gigabyte 8800GT on EP35 DS3L

Help! i ve ordered the gigabyte 8800GT 256mb pcie 2.0 ... i wanna know if its compatible with the EP35 DS3L board...plz help me out here... and also is the EP35 solid capacitor board better or wat for $20 more ??
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  1. anyone ??? :(
  2. yeah your 8800 gt will work just fine and i think the solid capacitor board is the same but with solid state capacitor i think its supposed to "save energy" and solid state capacitors last longer but the standard board is fine
  3. thanks a lot dude !! u made my day :)
  4. Solid state capacitors are better quality and last longer.

    I don't like the 256MB 8800GT though. It tanks bad as resolution gets increased, sometimes starting at 1280x1024. Should have bought a 512MB GT or if that was out of budget, an 8800GS.

    It's very cheap if you got this deal:

    But I'd rather have this (which was cheaper last week)

    Take a look at this link:

    Dirt at 1280x1024 4xaa:
    8800GS 384MB - 32.7fps
    256MB 8800GT - 15.0 fps

    The 8800GT leads alot of low res tests, but really both seem pretty equally playable. But once res and/or fsaa increases, the 256MB 8800GT falls of playable first.

    Keep in mind, I believe the Gigabyte 256MB 8800GT has 700(1400)MHz mem like most 256MB versions.Still nice for $70 AR though, especially if you game at lower res.
  5. thanks man, ya i got that deal for 70$ ... i think its an excellent deal.... and plz enlighten me whether the Card wud work on my EP35 DS3L, thats the main issue really, cos i dont mind playin at relatively low res...btw the link showed that 8800GT 256 performs better at low res than the others, thats more that suffiecient for me man...
  6. I can't see why it would not work on a P35 motherboard. Enjoy the deal; happy gaming.
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