Does overclocking CPU at stock voltage increase temperature?


I'm looking to get an i7 CPU, and plan to overclock it a bit.

I'm on a budget though so I cannot afford some exotic coolers. I plan to get a Xigmatek Dark Knight.

I would like to know that, if say, I happen to land on a i7 920 that can be over clocked to 3.8GHz at stock voltage, would it be running slightly hotter than a non-overclocked 920? Or would the temperature be identical?
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  1. Overclocking, even at stock voltage, produces more heat. But that's a descent cooler.
  2. P = C * F * V^2

    P = power = heat
    F = clock frequency
    V = voltage

    so frequency does effect heat, but increasing voltage has a more significant impact
  3. That Dark Knight should be able to hand easiliy the heat produced by a 3.8GHz i7, even if you have to raise the volts a little.
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