Upgrade Time for Mobo? Tips...

Hello, I have recently bought some new hardware for my rig.. xfx 9800gtx+ / 4GB OCZ Memory 800Mhz (2GBx2) / OCZ GameStream 700w PSU.

I have the ASUS P5NSLI mobo:

And I cant help but wonder if this mobo will gimp my new parts. And I really am not sure if I should upgrade it as well... or Ill be fine.
Things I have to point out of this mobo

1- PCIe slot, not sure what verison it is, and I read somewhere v2.0 PCIe cards dont work with v1.0 slots. But they work with v1.1/v2.0 PCIe slots. So im not sure this card will work in my mobo now, unless what I read was incorrect.

2- Memory speed, standard is 667MHz for this board and the new memory I bought is 800Mhz... I think I can OC the mobo to rise the Voltage and Timing to get it to 800Mhz... just not sure how.

3- Chipset, its an older nvidia 570 chipset onboard. what would be the benifits, if any, to have lets say a nvidia 6XX/7XX chipset mobo for this card?

Current Set Up:
-Core2Duo E6600
-XFX 7950GT
-2GB Memory (not sure how to look up speed xD)
-80GB WD Raptor HD
-500GB Seagate HD
-Creative SB X-Fi
-DVD-R/CD-R Drive
-xfinity 500w PSU
-WinXP PRO (DX9c)

-SO can this mobo do fine with new hardware... or is it time?

Any help.. or suggestion are welcomed! thanks~
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  1. The X48 chipset would be a great upgrade for your system hardware to call home. 8)


    Same board, no dual ethernet and a few gamer oriented (ROG) features.

  2. Thanks for links, will look into it-

    But what I want to know is - Will my current mobo gimp performance from new parts or will it run okay?
    Ill be good if it can run it fine, im not looking to buy a new board, but I guess I will if I must.
    And if mobo upgrade is what I must do, links are welcomed!

  3. Sure your MB will run it. But the x48 will act like a new suspension and an expensive set of new tires. Your MB is very picky about RAM. The new OCZ and your MB may be a match made in hell. So, not entirely sure that little experiment would work out. Download and install CPUZ and check your RAM:

  4. Those boards are a little over my price range after I spend $450 on the other stuff..

    Would this one be fine?

  5. The 750i had some very positive reviews when it appeared some time ago. Sure, have a look at the ASUS P45 boards at Newegg. Are you planning to SLI? If so, what is the native resolution of your monitor? I think the Intel X48, X38 and P45 or even the P35 are more useful chipsets than the Nvidia 750i. But, yeah if that's your idea to go Nvidia, sure.
  6. Yes, I want to buy another xfx 9800gtx+ to run it SLI in the near future. And im sure you know way more about chipsets then I do, so I will look into the X48/38 & P45/35 mobos. see if I can find an afordable atm. thanks again.

    edit: max res is 1680x1050 - samsung 20" W
  7. Yeah, with the 16 x 10 resolution on a 20" monitor SLI would improve performance, but not like you might be expecting. Nice price drop to $225 range on the video card recently. If I were bulding a new system it would not be 750i and 9800GTX. I'd be looking at an X48/X45 with a couple of Radeon 4850's. I mean, if someone ask me to build them a boss gaming system with somewhat limited limited funds. Anyway, there is nothing wrong with your 750i choice. I'm sure it will do the job, just not as well as an Intel chipset like I mentioned. I built an ASUS 570 system years ago and returned the MB because it would not play nice with my OCZ gold PC25400. That RAM is still running in the ASUS Intel 945 micro system I built instead.
  8. X48/38 & p45/35 dont support SLI if you want it. Although these chipsets are IMO more stable and reliable if you want SLI youll need a 7xx series chipset from NVIDIA
  9. Agree with Chookman. I didn't mention the compatibility, thanks.
  10. Thanks for the info guys.. Ill stick with the 9800GTX+ because the benchmarks almost seem even. And I have one incoming already. Plus Ive always been a Nvidia fan. So ill just stick with the 7XX chipset because I do plan on going SLI asap. thanks again~
  11. I see a new 24" LCD in my crystal ball.
  12. Some of my GPU benchmark scores went up as much as 50% when I Crossfired my Radeon 3870. You will get a nice performance increase when you SLI. My second card was like $140. after the dust settled.
  13. LOL >.< Im hoping the old lady wont kill me already droping this in a day. My wishlist is another card first, then probably new CPU, then new screen. But I have to look into it more, the E6600 is working fine for me and the games I play. But yes SLI first!
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