Can't get a stable oc with the multi but can with fsb?

I have an AMD Phenom II 720 BE with the 4th core unlocked on a Biostar 790GX board.
at stock OCCT runs fine. When I try to bump the multi (even 14.5 from 14 ) Fail OCCT

I set the cpu voltage from stock 1.325 up to 1.400 so far and no luck it fails each setting in core#0
But when I set fsb up to 230 x 14 +3.220 no problem running OCCT

I know this is limited info

Any ideas what info I need to get more help on this
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  1. Have you tried OCing with the multiplier when the 4th core is locked?
  2. Ok tried both ways - with the 4th core locked, and unlocked and no go on each.
    tried both ways on small information setting and no problems, medium runs a minute or so and the large test quits within seconds.

    seems I need to find out more info thanks for the help
  3. Sorry for being no help here (O/Cing noobie :lol:) but I was wondering how long you run OCCT for?
  4. I run OCCT for the minimum 6 minutes and it usually will not make it through the first minute without error (I use medium setting
  5. Try Prime95. Track your temps with CoreTemp, RealTemp or SpeedFan.
  6. Seems everyone on every forum gave me the answer -- never leave anything on auto ( had memory set @ auto / once I set timings manually has been stable on all four cores @3.4 for 2+ hours so far on medium settings in OCCT)
  7. Good job! Make sure you stress test for more than 6+ hours though,
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