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Boot Issues

In a nutshell, I was trying to build a new PC for my folks using most of the hardware from my old system. They were to use the HDD from my old system mainly for storage purposes and their OS would be on a brand new SSD. However, my old OS was Vista and apparently it can't be uninstalled (according to what I've read so far), so when we got a new HDD so they could use that for storage as originally intended.

The problem is that when I disconnected my old HDD with Vista on it, no OS would load after the BIOS and I'd get a "Select a Proper Boot Device" screen. When I left the old HDD connected without the SSD, it would still give me the option to load Vista or 7, but choosing 7 gave me another screen telling me that the files needed to load Windows 7 weren't found.

So it would appear something went wrong during the Windows 7 installation or I missed an important step. Do I need to do a reinstall with no chance that the Windows 7 files will get mixed up with the old HDD or is there a simpler fix? I've already tried changing the boot settings in the BIOS but it hasn't helped.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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    1) Leave the SSD unplugged for now. Make sure the HDD is plugged in. After making sure you have all the data you want off the Vista Drive delete off all the partitions on the drive using the Win 7 setup to do so. When it comes to installing the OS it will ask you what drive to install it on. When you reach that point go into Drive Options (I believe it is called that) and there you will be able to delete the partition. Exit set up at that point.

    2) Install Win 7 on to the SSD with the HDD disconnected. Once Win 7 is installed reattach the HDD and go to the start button, right click Computer. Click Manage, select Disk Manager and initialize the HDD. Partition and format the drive and it is now available for storage and your SSD is now the system drive.
  2. Reinstall Windows 7 on the HDD or SSD you want it on. That will fix the boot issue. The once Windows 7 is up and running, you will be able to move your files to where you want them. Of course that is if you don't format the HDD before installing Windows 7...
  3. Thanks for the responses.

    I was hoping I wouldn't have to reinstall, but my folks don't have a whole lot on the SSD anyway so backing up what little they have shouldn't be a problem.

    My question is, will I get nagged by Windows Genuine Advantage for reinstalling the OS with the same product key because it's the OEM version and not retail?
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