Please post for my 1.2k budget comp

310$ Amd Phenom Quad Core 2.5ghz Black edition. i dont no if amd or intel.... amd cheaper and better motherboards intell for a decent 2.0 pci-e is 250$ amd 120$

110$DDr2 Pci-E 2.0 etc..
55$DDR2 Ram 800mhz
35$ Lg Dual Later Writer Dvd Cd
120$ Samsung 750Gb HDD Sata 2 32 mb cache
175$ Antec 900 gaming case 5 fans
160$ Antec Neo Power 650 Psu
235$ left

affter i save 300$ gunna buy a good g card so i have 500 for g card finking of new nvidia link gt280 gimi ur thoughts thanx
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  1. or should i got core duo amd 3.2 ghz 180$
  2. ehh im sirs lost...
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