Scanning BIOS Image in Hard Drive


I have just setup a new computer.

When i started the computer. i got the following message

First it showed Award Bios and 512 MB VGA Card

Then soon after, it displayed the following message:

Award BootBlock BIOS v1.0
Copyright ....

Scanning BIOS Image in Hard Drive....

My motherboard : GA-EP35-DS3L

What should i do ?
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  1. Your BIOS is corrupted. Did you flash BIOS through Windows?

    Clear your CMOS and see. Then...
    To fix this put the driver DVD in your DVD drive or hit <End> or <F8> (Can't remember which) during POST with DVD in the drive. See page 62-64(?) in the manual.
  2. Its a new computer. I just turned it on for the first time. How can the bios be corrupted if it a new computer.

    Is the motherboard damaged ?

    SHould I replace it ?

    I cleared the CMOS but the same thing happened.
  3. he problem was solved by Changing the DIMM Memory slots.

    I had previously placed my 2 x 2GB memory slots in DDRII2 and DDRII4

    I changed it to

    DDRII1 and DDRII3

    Now my computer is working fine :)
  4. That's weird....
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