Can only see one core temp on 7850X2.

Hi folks, having small issue with this cpu - just got it. With either speed fan or coretemp I am unable to see both cores. Speed fan gives me a temp 1 (43C at idle) temp 2 is 30C at idle, and 'core' -26C at idle.

When I run coretemp it only lists one core, and gives 26C for that core. Doesn't even mention any other core.

When I read prime95 it does run separate processes for each core, so put my fears at ease that I had been sold a single core chip! :D

I'm new to overclocking AMDs, since my athlon 700mhz about 7 years ago - my main comp is a conroe q6600 and coretemp gives me the expected 4 core readings for that cpu, so not sure what's going on here?


PS am on coretemp 0.99.5beta and speedfan 4.38 so they are the latest versions.
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  1. Try viewing your system with CPU-Z. It will show whether or not you have more than one core.
  2. Yep, definitely got both core. Looking around on google image search,seems that many phenoms and X2 processors only have one core temp visible, so i'm not alone.
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