Ich10r x4 raid5 W7x64 degrading randomly

Hi guys,

Usually i can solve just about anything, but this thing makes me crazy.


CPU: i7 920
MB: x58-UD5
Ram: 6GB
OS: W7x64 7600
updated drivers and bios

Ok, now to the problem...
I have x2 f1 750 in raid 0 on ich10r for system and junk.
and x4 1tb black's on ich10r in raid 5 for storage. (yes 4 i know...)
The drives of the raid5 array randomly "ones a week or so" failing with "iaStor 9" error. (every time different drive)
I did all the test i can think of, but didn't find any thing wrong. And you know how long it takes to array this size to get back in shape....
I even tried to use second PSU dedicated for the raid 5 drives, with no luck....
Note: The raid 0 never had any problems.

I am not sure if any one here can pull a rabbit out of a hat, but any advice will be appreciated.
Thanks guys
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  1. what drivers did u used? or u didnt use any drivers ? I heard that raid0 on w7 you dont need any driver but raid 5 doest work that well without specific drivers, and since there is no official drivers for windows 7 this might be your problem.
  2. Have you read the problems people have had with WD Black drives in RAID? I believe it had to do with TLER.


    While wikipedia is not the most official/authoritative site out there, that's a good explanation.

    Here's a fix, though it's not supported by WD:


    Hope that gets you headed in the right direction to fix your RAID array.
  3. I think you right, dam i feel stupid...
    You wont believe how much time i spent on this, what it was in my face all that time lol
    Thanks a lot mate
  4. Happy to help. I've been thinking of RAID 5 on ICH10 myself and worry about this same thing.

    Hope you get it fixed.
  5. I had this problem also.

    There is a problem with intel's 8.9 RAID drivers.

    Roll back to 8.8 and you will be fine.

    See this thread for info

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