PC turns on but doesn't start itself and no signal from monitor

Hi there, last night I wrongly clicked on "Stand-by" button on Vista instead of "Shut down". As I couldn't be arsed to wait it again to turn on, I decided to switch the whole PC off using the PSU button switch behind the PC tower.
This morning, before turning it on, I installed a fan 8x8mm to the motherboard.
Here the odyssey begins. When I turned PC on, at first it got a fake boot... and I told myself it was normal as I switched my PC off by PSU button switch... Everything seemed to be fine, all the fans were running properly but the monitor gave me a "No Signal" message and I heard no beeps from motherboard. I waited some hours before turning it on again but nothing. Always "No Signal" and no beeps. I have tried to let the motherboard start without VGA, RAM and sata/eide but still nothing. To be honest, I ran out of ideas, I totally dunno what it could be.

My specs

Mobo: P5Q
GPU: HD 4870
CPU: Q6600 G0
RAM: 4 GB Kingston
PSU: 620W

I heard that some versions of Windows have problems to get out of standby mode but this looks really weird.
Anyway I use Vista 64bit.
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  1. try this.. shut the computer off via powersupply like u had done earlier, pop the battery out the motherboard and keep it out for about 1 min, pop the battery back into the motherboard and power system on.. good luck.
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