Sapphire 3870 "Need Help" Thanks

Ok so I built a budget machine for a friend.

Antec 500 watt PSU trie 2 other PSU's as well
ATI Sapphire 3870
500G HDD
2x DVD burners

When I plug the card into the mobo and insert the 6pin power, my computer wont turn on. The fans spin for about 1 second. Then I get nothing at all. If I pull the card out and unplug it the computer boots fine through the onboard video. I need some opinoins please.

I got to systems the same, the card does the samething on both.

3 different PSUs, so I dont think its a PSU issue.

I've tried the PSU 6 pin and the adapter that came with the card. No go.

All I can think is the card is bad? Does anyone have any other suggestions.

I noticed there is a jumper on the card and above it, it says NTSC/PAL and its on the PAL side if it is a mode jumper, but aybe the NTSC/PAL just means it works for both? Does anyone know?
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  1. If the card locks up both systems you tried it in, good chance it's a bad card. Can you try a different video card?I recently built with the ASUS G35 micro big brother and had zero problems. You could try resetting the CMOS jumper, but sure sounds like you have a bad card. Hopefully you got it from newegg. Deal with them for the RMA. Have no idea about the jumper you mentioned.
  2. Thanks Badge.

    I took the card to the Brother Inlaws and it locks his up also, with a totally different motherboard.

    I quess when the power supply quit it took the GPU out with it. Thats what I get for buying a cheap PSU. I'm sending two cheap, bad PSU's back to Newegg for refund, and the card back for exchange.
  3. So the system is working with onboard until you get a video card replacement? I never even checked the onboard video on the ASUS G35 micro board I built recently. I built it with an 8600GT, e8400, installed Vista 64, 4 gigs PC6400 and transfered all my wife's business files over. She's using Vista 64! Beats the pants off the socket 754 3700 she was using for years. LOL!
  4. Yup onboard works on all 3 systems, but they all go totally dead when the 3870 is plugged in.

    I'm gonna RMA it Monday.
  5. I'm hoping you disabled the onboard video in the BIOS, setting the primary display to the addin card? and plugged the monitor cable into the new card, right?
  6. Come on now. Give me a little credit. Of course I disabled it even though you dont always have to.

    I found a cuple of the gold connectors on the bottom of the card appear to be broke off, as in missing half of the leg
    Most look like" l" and these two look like" ' "they dont go all the way down.
  7. no offense man, :P I've come to realize sometimes its the EASIEST thing most times. ie pluggin the monitor into the card... :P
    ANYway, those connectors doNOT sound like a good thing. Take a look at some pics of the card at to see if that's the way they're 'supposed' to be. Otherwise, RMA it dude.
    Another thing, if you're in the USA, it should be set to NTSC, someone help me there...?
  8. I called Sapphire and they were pretty sure it was dead. Its on its way back to newegg. They wouldn't cross ship so I had to spring for another new one. It better work or I'll have to wait til the other one gets refunded.
  9. dude! in that case i would have stepped up to a 4850 at least, if that was possible>????
  10. Ya for $50 mre $$
    I sold it for x $$ and I dont need to take a hit in profit.
    If it was mine by all means I would have.
  11. GOTCHA, i'm still runnin a x1950 pro:)
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