MSI K9A2 Platinum V2 + 4 slot RAMs at 1066MHz - Unstable!

Hi, my name is Mikko! (just a tiny show up)
Ok, this is my first topic and my first evermade topic on english, so sorry If I am writing things in silly way and might be little stupid to understand how I will explain my things etc, BUT I am doing my best! :)

Ok, the thing is that I bought new rams to my computer, it had four 2GB DDR2 800MHz+ (A-Data, Extreme Edition) but I wanted more performance and people told me that 8GB ram is "too much" and might even slow down my system instead having optimal value of ram.
So I deside to buy 4x 1GB DDR2 1066MHz+ (A-Data, Extreme Edition) with 5-5-5-15 latencies.

I set all in and started to have alot problems with my computer, PC wen't very unstable at 1066MHz rams. Same sticks at 800MHz are working fine.
I tested each sticks at 1066MHz with 2.3volts on those with SuperPiMod1.5 with 32M test and success on each and even went to World of Warcraft and everything was fine.
Then hit 2GB and same thing.
Then 3rd one and still all were fine.
But when I hit the final fourth ram to last slot, I can't run SuperPi and my "playing" on World of Warcraft ended to total system freeze. Then I removed the last ram and now my system is stable again.

My computer has:
* MSI K9A2 Platinum V2 bios with latest bios ver 1.5
* AMD Phenom 9850 Black Edition +Thermalright Extreme 120 Ultra -something testwinner cooler with 120x120 fan at bottom to blow air trought cooler to up and another 120x120 fan to suck air from cooler and to blow up and over the cooler is 120x120 fan to blow warm air from computer to outside from the computer case.
* Asus Radeon 3870X2 -Modded rearpanel to improve cooling
* +Sapphire Radeon 3870X2 -bit raped cooling at rear to "improve cooling" but dunno does it improve :D set up slotfan below Sapphire and cut the sapphire's case from rear so that slotfan will suck air from it and blow to out. And as well having the modded rearpanel to improve cooling.
* Creative X-Fi Champion FPS +frontpanel
* 3x/4x 1GB A-Data Extreme Edition DDR2 1066MHz+
* BeQuiet 650w Straight Series PSU (btw, is that really sure enough for this system!?)
* Total 6x and will get 7x 120x120 Fans (3x Antec, rest are Noctua's oilbeareds) plus two modded SlotFans (SlotFans having cutted rearpanels and all covers over fans are removed to improve airflow, and yes that does alot better airlfow which can greatly feel with hand!)

So.. I think its has nothing to do with overheating, cause It comes unstable even when case is opened, all fans set to high and even my computer is moved next to window and I can open the window to bring cool air from outside house straight front of computer and then computer sucks the cool air from frontside of case to inside it. And I ran the rams with "maximium" (allowed) 2,3volts, so signals on rams should really gets to right place normaly without weakening too much..

I am not sure should I set UNGANGED or GANGED mode from bios for memories. (tell me) AMD Phenom 9580 BE + K9A2 Platinum V2 biosver 1.5 + 4x DDR2 1066MHz.
And there are alot memorysettings in bios which I don't know what to set and those are on "Auto" settings, but computer are not detecting these A-Data 1066MHz+ sticks straight and on stickies there even reads "1066* 5-5-5-15" "*=Manual setting via BIOS", so could those unset BIOS settings cause this unstable? (I have set only 1066 and those 5-5-5-15, which I don't remember now which were wich, but I have it somewhere on papers :D )

With google search I found that this same unstable was happening with MSI K9A2 V2 and also 1066MHz rams but with OCZ and totally 8GB instead 4GB, but same there was the motherboard and 1066MHz rams, kinda sure the processor was about same, someting in Phenom series.

Hope you can help me, these kind problems are reasons why I came to bigger forums!

Thank you!
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  1. Hmm I change my mind, was going to play some game tonight but system rebooted, so not stable even with 3x rams with 1066MHz.. Hmm
  2. Mmm....did you see this thread?

    Something about the CPU not supporting I looked at this:

    'The Phenom’s integrated memory controller now consists of two 64-bit channels that can either be ganged together in a 128-bit configuration or operated independently. Officially, the controller supports unregistered DIMMs running at speeds as high as DDR2-1066, but we’ve had rotten luck getting either of two 790FX boards running stably with DDR2-1066 memory installed. Until we figure out what’s going on there, we’ll take rock-solid DDR2-800 modules, thank you.'

    Maybe this info helps??
  3. Oh.. kinda doubletopic.. I tried search command but nothing found.. Existing topic has "ram" word instead "memory" which I searched..
    Yeah sorry for that. But thanks for showing that topic for me. I sent email to shop and asked could I switch these four sticks of rams to two rams with size double than old ones with same speed, or even for faster ones.
    For faster ones they still should pay 13 euros back for me so it would be equal to prize, but I told I would accept trade without those 13 euros if I'll get faster ones and trading is cheaper for both and alot faster :P Waiting kinda exiting, hoping the best..
  4. I had last week k8a2 V2 (only 4 sata, no Promise chip) running with 2 x 1Gb 1066Mhz. CPU is 9850 BE, bios 1.5. Only thing i did was change some bios memory value to 1:2.66.

    I swapped this board for k9a2 V1 because i wanted 6 sata slots; now this board is an absolute nightmare to get running with WD raptor, so far unable to install Win XP on this drive (which I succeeded in doing with the V2). I am currently in the process of information exchange with MSI technicians; their first recommendation is to upgrade bios to 1.65 (which does not even appear on their website, is brandnew bios since last week; i got it thru access to password protected ftp site).

    But this board is not worth recommendation by Tom's Hardware as it says on the box. I will keep you posted.
  5. Hey Guys, Im having a very simular Problem...

    My specs are :
    AMD 720 X3 which runs at 2.8Ghz, Im not currently OC
    MSI K9A2 Platinum V2
    3 GB Kingston DDR2-1066GHz(1X 1GB and 1X 2GB chip)
    MSI 4890 Cyclone OC
    720 W Gigabyte ODIN
    WD 500GB SATA2
    WD 250GB SATA2
    Vista 64-bit Ultimate
    Smilodon Raidmax case with 7x80mm fans and 2x120mm fans

    Basically when I install my memory into single computer runs fine for a few minutes and then it either freezes completely or it blue screens on startup...
    The manual explains that for single channel you should use Slot 0 and slot 2 or slot 1 and slot 3 but they also recommend using slot 0 first for system stability so I used Slot 0 and slot 2 (That way there is a slot open between them). In this configuration it froze on me constantly....I played crysis and dota and both froze...although it would never freeze in windows

    When I put my RAM in dual Configuration...that is 2 GB chip in slot 0 and 1 GB chip in slot 1 (Chips are right next to eachother) it works 100%...Not one freeze yet...sometimes it hits a freeze for a few seconds...but then it comes right as if nothing had happened...I almost get a heart attack lol...but it comes out of it and i carry on playing...But it shouldnt even be doing that, and it really makes me unhappy because I have spent so much money on this machine, I want it to run flawlessly
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