Samsung HD501LJ error questions

Greetings all.

Basically I've got 4 of these drives in my computer when I had a strange feeling one of them was acting up (it sounded particularly loud, as opposed to very quiet). After running HUTIL 2.10 (Samsung's diagnostic utility) it came up with an M. C. Error.

Is it possible for the drive to give a false positive? In Windows despite the noise the drive makes (more a whine every so often) it still seems to function. I say this because I am running this drive off the GIGABYTE SATA port, not the AMD SB750 SATA port.

I did switch the connections around so that this drive would utilise the SB750 port but the M. C. Error still came up. I'm curious to know more about these errors and if it will get worse over time. I'm guessing it's a good idea to back up my data now.

The drives were bought OEM so I'm wasn't able to obtain any software with regards to backing up or cloning.

Any information, ideas and suggestions would greatly be appreciated.
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  1. Sorry for the double post but does it make a difference to utilise the GIGABYTE SATA port over the AMD SB750 SATA port, keeping in mind I am using the drive as a boot drive. Apparently the GIGABYTE SATA port also has RAID support too.
  2. BUMP

    Further information: The only error I get is the M. C. Error, no other errors occur during the test. Has anyone ever had one of these errors and what exactly do/can they mean. Help is greatly appreciated.
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