Why my computer restarts when I turn it off

When my computer has been running for a while and I turn it off, it restarts so that I have to tell it tuo turn off again before it actually powers down and stays off. Why? Is this problem related to the fact that it crashes when I try to watch dvds?
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  1. The 2 are probably not related unless it restarts when it crashes.

    Are you sure you are selecting "Shut Down" and not "Restert" at the menu?
  2. Check the event viewer for errors. It may be BSOD'ng, as it's trying to shut down, causing the restart.
    start-->run-->eventvwr.msc-->look in the application and system logs for errors (red X's).
  3. So, there are error's from the source of "Bonjour Service" very frequently and I don't even know what program that is. There is also an occasional erro from "WMI", "Application", and "Event System". Is there anything you can say on how to fix those errors? Or which one is causing the problem?
  4. Bonjour is an add-on Apple application. It can be disabled or uninstalled.

    Do you have SP3 installed? If not, try updating it. That may resolve the WMI error.

    What is the event ID with the Event System error? Is that a COM+ error?
  5. The id for the Event System error is 4621.
  6. Unistalling Bonour seems to have solved the problem. Thanks alot!
  7. Happy to help.
    Thanks for the update.
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