WD Caviar disks with ICH10 (not ICH10R)

Hi folks,
This feels like a pretty newbie question, but a search didn't turn up an answer.

Last night, I tried to help a buddy setup a new machine using a WD Velociraptor and a Gigabyte EP45-UD3L (spec). This didn't work - we couldn't install either Win7 or Vista. (Yes, we tried using F6 drivers.) We checked the compatability sheet for the Velociraptor, which says the only Intel controllers supported are the RAID controllers (ie, a ICH10R.)

My buddy decided he would return the Velociraptor, and get a Caviar instead. I started looking at the compat sheets for those, and it seems like the entire Caviar line (green, blue, black) only lists the R versions of the Intel controllers. Is that accurate? Does anyone know if we can use a Caviar Blue or Green with an ICH10 (not ICH10R)?

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  1. Well, Caviars do work on that mobo (IIRC), so I'm assuming that there's some compatibility between ICH10 and ICH10R?
  2. It'll work fine.
  3. Its fine, I use the 640 blacks on both with no issues at all.

    Your probably not booting from DvD 1st causing your problems. You need to boot properly, you wont need drivers for Vista or 7 in ide mode or ACHI mode.

    Get your boot order setup correctly, and all should go fine.

    If its not boot order, re burn your pirated copies @ a slower speed.
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