Looking for some cool system resource monitors...


Looking for some type of desktop resource/speed monitors - but want Really Cool Graphic Visuals (like animated type? bar graphs, speedometer looking whatever...) rather than boring Numeric Data Only

*** Do Need at least the 'boring numeric display' if no one knows of any cool graphic options...

Currently have Rainmeter and ObjectDock 2 Plus - Don't know if there are any of the listed monitors available or not..

1) System Drive, USB (flash drive, portable hdd) Transfer Speed, ect

2) Network (Wifi/LAN) Transfer speeds, ect
also Internet connection speed, ect would be nice..

3) Streaming Video performance (maybe specialized Streaming Video avail? If not Network might have enough info?

4) Temperature monitors, Fan speed, ect

5) ? Transfer/ in progress status meters (thought I once saw a cool animated graphic of a water drop being filled w/ water - guessing was for rainmeter??? Any like that or for other customization programs??

Thanks a lot, in advance for any advice/recommendations anybody may have - REALLY DO APPRECIATE IT!
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  1. So your just looking for a new gpu?
  2. Combat Wombat said:
    So your just looking for a new gpu?

    whaaaa?? :lol:
    No, looking for desktop resource monitor programs and/or skins for different desktop monitor apps..
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