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Hi. I was just wondering... Out of all these cards, which should i choose.
Basically, my situation is that.. i have a EVGA 680i 122 mobo and i'm probably going to do SLI, maybe even 3-way but i'm probably going to gradually build up to 3 PCI-E cards. For the computer i have right now. I have a NVidia Quadro FX 1500. I'm not sure where this stands on the list, since it's not (or i don't think it is) SLI verified. BTW, could someone tell me, if it were to be on the list. How good is the QUadro FX 1500 compared to these video cards anyways? But my main point is.. i'm going to buy ONE of these for starters, then i will build up to 2 in probably about.. 3-4 months, then by another one for 3-way (if it's still of benefit by that time), in another 2-3 months after that. And... i just want to know (for a somewhat cheap price.. probably about below $225 each card) which one of these is the way i should take... It seems like everyone likes the 8800 GT, because it's cheap for its price, but it can't go 3-Way. SO..out of the rest.. which is best?

I have read the SLi/Crossfire FAQ's post... and it DID help a lot, but there is still some confusion as to which card is better. I'm assuming as you go up the ladder... it video cards and performance gets better.. but which one is like actually the best for it's price? It's like comparing a Q6600 and E8400. They're both pretty equal, even though E8400 is a lower level and Q6600 is higher... People seem to like them both a lot because of their OC abilities.

"NVIDIA cards:

Geforce 200 Family:
Geforce GTX 280 (Supports 3-Way SLI too)
Geforce GTX 260 (Supports 3-Way SLI too)

Geforce 9 Family:
NVIDIA GEFORCE 9800GX2(Read the note about the 7950GX2,its the same for 9800GX2)
NVIDIA GEFORCE 9800GTX+(Supports 3-Way SLI too)
NVIDIA GEFORCE 9800GTX(Supports 3-Way SLI too)

Geforce 8 Family:
NVIDIA GEFORCE 8800ULTRA (Supports 3-Way SLI too)
NVIDIA GEFORCE 8800GTX (Supports 3-Way SLI too)
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  1. If you have the $$, go for the 9800gtx, otherwise go for the 8800gt. 3way sli is a waste of money.
    ATI also has two great new cards.. 4850($199) and the 4870($299), the 4850 is a bit faster than the 9800gtx and the 4870 is between the gtx 260 and 280
  2. Ic ic... well it's mainly because i already have a 680i mobo.. (and no i dont have $ lol) that's why i'm going Nvidia, but yeah i heard crossfire is supposely a little better than SLI right now. But i'm mainly looking for the.. i guess Level of difference between SLI 9800 GTX and 8800 GT? or even the other ones. like which is the smallest ratio, but a big price difference?

    Like.. lets pretend 9800 GTX costs $500 and 8800GT costs $250, and for some reason 9800 is only like 10% better than the 8800... then of course, in that case, it really isn't worth it to get the 9800, and instead i should get the 8800 hundred..

    Something like that...
  3. Right now this version of the PNY 9800GTX is $175 after rebate.
    The single 9800GTX runs pretty close to the HD4850 and in SLI it handily beats a single HD4870 and beats crossfired HD4870s about 1/2 the time and beats crossfired HD4850s most of the time. At $350 for the 2 cards it's a good cost effective graphic solution when compared to $350 for 2 HD4850s or $610 for 2 HD4870s
    *edit* damn just realized that anandtech article was showing the 9800GTX+
  4. First of all,i am glad that the FAQ helped u,well go for either 9800GTX or
    HD 4850,both cards perform closely to each other
  5. By your needs i would suggest the 8800gt, but with so many specials on the 9800gtx, i would suggest you take a look around for them
  6. Alright. Cool. Thanks!
    Now does.. anyone know where the Quadro FX 1500 stand in the list? =]
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