Overheating CPU with Coolermaster V8


So I just bought a brand new computer. In it, I got:

Intel i7 2.6 stock speed
ASUS P6T motherboard
Coolermaster V8
ATI Radeon HD 4890 1 Go
And some other components I don't need to tell about here

The problem is, when I received the computer, it was all prepared, except for the video card. Sadly, during the transport, the V8 screws slacked a bit and it was way too loose to cool anything. So I removed the motherboard, and when I check on the processor, I saw that there was a bit too much paste on it, and saw something weird on it, something like 3-4 black dots on the corner of the processor. ( Just to let you know, I tried to boot my computer 5-6 times and it stopped because the CPU was overheating)

So I didn't really pay attention, but I removed the themal paste, thinking I wouldn't need it with this big cooler. What I saw didn't make me any more confident. Even when rubbing, the dots didn't go away. I did scratch gently and some of it went away, but still.

So, the main problem is, my idle temperature are at 50 celsius degrees, and when I play CoD4 full resolution and all, I get to the mid 80, sometimes 90, and that's when my computer crashes.

I don't think a thermal paste could reduce my temperature by 15 degrees, so what else should I check?

Thank you

Small edit: I'm running Windows XP pro 32 bits right now because I couldn't install Windows 7 or vista, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't have any impact on temps.

Here are the pictures of the dots :
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  1. so at this moment your running your machine without any thermal paste between your cpu and its cooler?

    ok, well get some and put a thin layer on because thats exactly what it is designed to do, make a better connection between the two to aid cooling.

    if your after a guide on how best to apply it have a quick look on youtube.

    i just had a look at your pic link, the pic itself doesnt work but i did see the other pictures of your cooler, it appears to have come off the securing bracket!! remove the whole thing and reattach the bracket to the cooler prior to reinstalling it.

    this raises the possibility that your temps are being caused by the cooler not actually be pressed onto the cpu itself and simply sitting on top.
  2. Yes, those pictures are before I put it back in it's place, that's how I received it. I got it back all right and it's rock solid mounted on the CPU.

    As for the thermal paste, I will put some on it but, could it help for my super high temperatures? I mean, 90 degrees is pretty hot! I'll do it today if I got time and check if it's at least lower (it should) and if I reach the 30-35 degrees idle.
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