USB Flash from Fat32 to RAW

i been using my usb sandisk for about 2 years now, everything was fine till today, i plugged in my usb and when i double click on it it says, "the disk E: is not formatted do you want to format it now?" if i right click it properties it will show that its 0mb with RAW file system even tough it should be Fat32.

i have alot of programs and data i need in there, its really important so does anyone know how to fix this problem, or just a way to get the data out from usb to my hard disk?

thanks in advance.
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    Try a partition recovery program and data recovery tool.

    I've run into a problem like that, and could not fix it untill i formated it, with a USB pen drive tool.

    The pen drive may be bad and need replacement.
  2. the thing these programs they format the usb, i dont want to lose any of the data i have on it, is there way to fix it without formating?
  3. Try a partition recovery program and data recovery tool.
  4. thanks buddy,
    it works!!!!!!!!!
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