Suggest mobo for C2Q6600 support 8gigs ram

Can anyone suggest motherboard which got on board Audio/video/lan. Won't be using the GUI need to run Centos on command prompt only.

Core2quad 6600
8gb ram
2 x 500gb sata2
raid 1
to run centos 32 or 64 bit

I am looking at this board

But the intel site shows Q6600 only support,891046,885492&familyID=1&culture=en-US
Intel® 975X Express Chipset,
Intel® P965 Express Chipset

If I use other motherboard with north bridge / south bridge G33 / ICH9 other than suggested by Intel. Will this CPU still run on the other mobo.
I found few more models which support 8gigs

Is there any entry level raid controller which support Centos. 3ware 2port is $185 appx.

Please suggest.
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  1. Built the ASUS P5B-VM you have listed. Ran Ok, but BIOS options, specifically RAM voltage was limited. No onboard RAID. RMA'D and built the P5B-VM DO which has better VR's, more BIOS options and a better southbridge with RAID capabilities. Would not recommend the P5B-VM.

    What chipsets support the Q6600? What are you saying, ONLY 965/975? Well, here are a few more chipsets that support the Q6600 (about the most popular processor ever released by now). Intel X48, P45, X38, P35, G45 and G35. Then Nvidia 7xx, 6xx and 5xx series. Boards with these chipsets are for sale everywhere that carries PC components. The other boards you listed are G33 miro boards. They have onboard graphics. Didn't I read you didn't need onboard graphics in your POST? No time to go back and check what you said. I detect a little konfusion in your question. are konfusion.
  2. If I have onboard graphics later I can use windows and its good to have on board audio/video/lan.

    I have one quick questions will these board support C2Q

  3. Intel G33 supports the Q6600.
  4. For example, this is the MSI board you have linked. In the specs:

    CPU: Socket 775 Support Core 2 Quad/ Core 2 Duo/ Pentium D/ Pentium XE/ Pentium 4

    I would suspect the Q6600 will be supported right out of the box with G33. With BIOS updates (and perhaps without an update) the 45nm Penryn Quads would be supported too.
  5. I recently built with the ASUS P5E-VM HDMI G35 That chipset supported 45nm out of the box, E8400.
  6. Thanks for the info.

    Can I get something under $100 for C2Q6600 ?
    If you look at,891046,885492&familyID=1&culture=en-US

    C2Q6XXX supports
    Intel® 975X Express Chipset,
    Intel® P965 Express Chipse

    Where as Q93XX support
    G33 Express Chipset,
    G35 Express chipset,
    P35 Express chipset,
    Q33 Express chipset,
    Q35 Express chipset,
    X38 Express chipset

    So is it better to go with C2Q6600 or Q9300. As per intel it got more range of supported chipsets.

  7. Any of the newer chipsets listed for the Q9300 also support the older Q6600.
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