I have a HP PhotSmart computer with Windows Vista and i\'ve cleaned it with the

My computer will boot up but it won't go past the Windows vista screen. Why? what do i need to do to get it going normally? The Blue Greeen screen that sayes Windows Vista and has the spinning circle in the middle. I have done a clean up of the disk c but it froze during the process. I'm using a small laptop now but need for Business by yesterday.
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  1. The hard drive may be failing. You can test it with a DOS version of SeaTools which loads from a boot CD. Click "Downloads" on the following page and choose "SeaTools for DOS": http://www.seagate.com/support/downloads/seatools/

    You can make a bootable CD from the downloaded ISO file with IMGBurn: http://www.filehippo.com/download_imgburn/

    Boot your faulty PC from that CD & SeaTools will load. Choose the Long or Extended test.

    If the hard drive passes okay, please mention that if you request further help with this problem, to avoid us just going round in circles asking you to do something you've already done.
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