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Hey, I've been trying to overlclock my cpu for some time now. Every time I've tried it has failed. When I try and save the new clock the computer turns off and on as normal, then it turns off and on again (this is not normal). When this happens it resets the clock frequency to automatic so the overclock will not stay. Is there any thing I can do? The CPU voltage will save when I change it so some things do stick.

CPU - Intel E7200
Motherboard - Gigabyte EP31-DS3L
OS - Windows XP Home SP3
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  1. How much are you trying to OC by? Some RAM is not very tolerant of speeds beyond its ratings, so you may also need to ensure that you are starting by reducing your RAM speed divider.

    EDIT: Left out the part where I meant to say this sounds like the 'Bad Settings' protection kicking in. Essentially, if the BIOS detects 3 unsuccessful POST attempts, it will reset defaults to save you from having to reset the BIOS manually.
  2. Well when I just change the CPU frequency from Automatic to Manual and not change the frequency then save and exit it will fail to boot and reset. Maybe I need to change a jumper on my motherboard to allow overclocking. I'll read up on that in my motherboard manual.
  3. Problem fix. Updated my bios. All good. What is a good program to test CPU stability?
  4. prime95 is generally recommended, and you need to run 2 instances of it because you have 2 threads on your cpu.
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