AMD Overclocking Event In Austin, Texas

On May 21st AMD gathered many people in the semi-conductor industry, as well as press, and many prestigious overclockers to watch and push Phenom II to extreme limits under LHe and LN2. This also involved the world's first clear liquid nitrogen pot, and a lot of shattered world records.

Here is the coverage. Many pictures inside!

Also wrote a quick blog on my experience of the event here:
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  1. Well, they definitely need to cool those CPUs a lot... if their predecessors are any guide:

  2. My sarcasm detection might be bad today but........

    That video is from the Athlon Thunderbird days......... It's impossible to do the same on today's AMD processors.

    Edit : Err.... Nevermind..... But they certainly makes slow but good steps from Athlon -> XP -> 64 -> Phenom 2.

    The only one step forward one step backward they did is the Phenom 1. And in that regard, it isn't a real step backward unlike the Pentium 3 to Pentium 4.
  3. I've seen other people call the P4 a step backward... exactly how did Intel take the step back? They used a less efficient architecture or something?
  4. Digging into stuff like business practice (driven by human) for a clue of what future will hold is plausible. No so for technology which takes no stance. Almost everything in technology can be given 2nd chance.

    Back to the topic. The clear LN2 pot is quite an amazing design, especially the part where it joins the copper base.
  5. Freakin cool!!!! Now Where do I get the LN2 :D
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AMD Overclocking Texas