Speed vs Quantity?

1.DDR2 or DDR3?
2.Speed or Quantity?
3.Does rams that have a speed over 800mhz generate heat a lot which causes system failiure?
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  1. I need urgent help from an expert about this issue, any help/reply would be appreciated
  2. well for starters some idea as t what you plan to do with the machine?
    overclocking? mild/medium/hardcore
    what motherboard?
    what CPU?
    Power supply?
    what OS do you plan to run? and what do you plan to do with it... gaming? CAD? Video processing? or just surfing the web?
    before any advice can be given... no expert will give any without enough information...
  3. Overclocking: Not planning to do it for now but will probably do hardcore clocking 6 mo later
    mobo:haven't decided yet
    cpu: bought a q9450
    power supp:750w
    os: vista x64 I will do video editing-converting, 3d modelling, and will play upcoming games
    graphics card: ATI HD 4870 X2
  4. myself I do a lot of code development, video processing, Virtual Machines as well.
    Using 4 gig of ram in Vista64 is enough at the moment (all apps i use are 32 bit) 2x2GB sticks.
    I went DDR3 for future proofing. Nehalem systems will use DDR3 and I will go there eventually...
    the latency that DDR3 has isn't that important then the lower latency DDR2 with your CPU...

    as for Mobo, any thought weather to have crossfire support? if not then X38, X48 isn't that necessary...
    P45 or P35
    but best to figure out what all you want to plug into it and buy the board accordingly...

    any other question....
    ask away....

    edit: BTW speed and quality go hand in hand. faster you go the better quality components you would want...
  5. Simple answer: quantity.

    Speed basically gave no noticeable performance increase, only boost synthetic benchmark scores.

    If you run out of ram and starts to use a lot of page file of hdd, you'll definitely notice the PC speed tank.
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