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I have a problem with my motherboard, I bought a new SATA hard drive a while ago (Western Digital Caviar 160GB) and it only shows up in the BIOS occasionally, I checked BIOS settings and couldnt find anything wrong with them. So I thought it might have been a problem with the hard drive until recently when I tried it in another computer and it works perfectly so I then unplugged a few fans and case lights from the psu and tried it again in my computer to see if it was a power supply problem but it's still doing the same so I'm starting to think it must be the motherboard. Its a MS-7184 (HP OEM board) and running BIOS version 3.47 from here. Unfortunatley I can't buy a new motherboard as I have no money (and would cost a bit as if i was buying a new one i would switch to an intel c2d system so would need a new board, cpu and ddr2 ram aswell)
Also there seems to be no updates for the mobo anywhere so not sure what else I can do.
Any suggestions?
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  1. Is there a setting in the BIOS to increase disk detection delay? If so, does it help?
  2. Set the SATA jumper with limit to 1.5 on the hard disk.
  3. evongugg said:
    Set the SATA jumper with limit to 1.5 on the hard disk.
    +1 MB only supports sata 1.5 there should be a jumper on the hard drive for 1.5 or 3.0
  4. Sorry forgot to say, already set the jumper on the back for 1.5 and it made no difference. No settings in the BIOS for disk detection delay, not many options for anything in the BIOS really. Wish I'd known a bit more about computers when I bought it a few years ago as I would have just built one with decent parts instead.
  5. Have you tried a different sata port? or cable
  6. Tried the other SATA port (only have 2) and no difference. Haven't tried a different cable but as the HD works fine with the same cable on a different PC I don't think theres anything wrong with it.
  7. Problem stopped for a while (it'll work for a few days to a week then the problem starts again for a few days)
    Now the harddrive is being recognised everytime but most the time it's coming up with a load of symbols (pic attached to show what i mean)
  8. Forgot to say that when it comes up with symbols (like the pic above) it just freezes at that screen, if i try to go into the BIOS settings it comes up saying its loading the BIOS settings but just freezes
  9. Just a quick update (really wish you could edit posts) I have just emailed HP to see what they have to say about it
  10. Have you tried a different SATA cable?
  11. No but as I said before the drive/cable work perfectly on a different computer so I dont want to go out and buy another cable as I don't think theres anything wrong with it.
  12. in my experience with SATA cables, they often give intermittent and random issues. i think it would be worth testing with another new one.
    it's sounds dumb, but SATA cables can be really big culprits! (and annoying ones at that!)
  13. Well I'm going away on tour beginning of next week but once I get back I'll pick up another SATA cable to test
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