HELP ! 9800GTX and LCD TV weird problem !

Windows XP, SP2
CPU: Athlon 64 x2 6000+ Windsor
Motherboard: ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe
RAM: 2x 1gb Kingston DDR2 400Mhz
Graphic: ASUS EN9800GTX
Monitor: Samsung 2232BW
PSU: Enermax 560W
TV: Philips 37PFL7603D

I have recently changed my old ASUS 8600GT with the 9800GTX; I have my 22" LCD Monitor connected to the first DVI-out (DVI-DVI Cable 1,5 meters) and my 37" LCD TV connected to the second DVI-out (DVI-HDMI Cable, 10 meters). All drivers installed and OK; Nview configured for desktop extension on second monitor. Monitor set to 1680x1050 60Hz and TV set to 1920x1080 60Hz (both are on native resolution).

Display is perfect on both Monitor and TV, but here is the problem: the TV becomes black every 2/3 seconds, and show the error "No signal" or "Wrong format". But, I remarks again, when the image is visible, it is perfect. The same setup worked perfectly with the old 8600GT. The only changed thing is the new 9800GTX. I also tried to reinstall drivers, but the problem is not there. Already tried 3/4 versions (Forceware 175.19 and 177.39 the latest).

If I swap the cables on DVI-out connectors, nothing change, the problem is always on the TV, and Monitor is fine, so it's not a bad soldering on the graphic card connectors or something like that. The 9800GTX has the two 6-pin power cables connected, from PSU, and shows green led.

Even if with 8600GT was OK, I think the problem may be the cable too long (10 meter) or low quality. But I have to remark another strange issue: when the TV is ON, and set on the HDMI-PC input, my PC have the mouse that "jumps", so the arrow movement in not smooth: I move the mouse slowly and the arrow follow the path, but jumping every 1/2 centimeter. In this situation, I have seen that I have a process running, NVSVC32.EXE, that goes up to 40/50% CPU, then goes to 0%, then again, up and down, up and down; memory used also goes up and down. When my TV is off, NVSVC32.EXE use 0% CPU and 4736Kb of memory, fixed.

Any Idea ?

I wish to try to change the cable with a better one, but it's a cost, and I'm wondering if it may cause the NVSVC32.EXE issue !

Thanks if someone will help !!

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  1. Try just running the TV off of the main DVI port. See if you have the same issue. You probably need a dual link DVI cable.
  2. Already tried that: disconnecting completely my Samsung Monitor and boot from TV: same problem, signal goes on and off. But.... image is perfect in bios / boot screens, and starts to go on and off only when f...... Windows appears.

    and..... a good news: after one hundred attempts I've found that if I set my Philips TV to 1600x900, the image is stable. Curious, I had already tried resolutions lower that 1920x1080 (720p for example) without success....

    Now I'm quite sure that this is a driver issue, I've found other people with problem with 9800GTX and Nvidia drivers (not exactly my problem, but like it)

    Thanks anyway, I'm writing now to Asus and Nvidia (I hope to get confirmations, maybe a new driver later)


    BTW, WHAT IS a dual link DVI cable ?? How do I use it ?
  3. Hello!

    I have the same problem with a Samsung screen and a Philips LCD.
    Can you please tell me what wich resolution you have on the Samsung etc.
    Do your run Dual view?

    I tried to change my LCD to 1600x900 but I still have the same problem.
  4. those resolutions sound rather rough to run on 1 video card are they 2 different screens or are you running the same screen on both tvs? im guessing 2 different.( both displaying the same desktop or elongated desktop) Also video ram could come into the equation here, did your 8600 have 1gb and your 9800 have 512?
  5. Did this ever get resolved?
  6. jonesy2909 said:
    Did this ever get resolved?

    Yes when new firmware for the tv was relased the problem went away :)
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