Amd phenom x4 9500 o.c

Hi, this is my first time trying to overclock a pc. i was wondering if using two power supplies might be an option, i read a thread about jumping a pair of pins that allows the power supply to come on, does this seem like a good idea? does the bios regulate the power coming from the power supply or does it regulate the amount of power the individual parts ask for? i just bought a new power supply but i dont wanna be wasteful with my old one and if it reduces the load on my new one all the better. Ok as far as my pc goes here are the current specs:

CPU: AMD Phenom x4 9500
Core voltage: 1.232-1.248 (have it set to auto because i tried messing with the power settings a bit and my computer wont turn on all the time when i up it, maybe because my current psu isnt sufficient?)
Core speed: 2405.5Mhz
Multiplier: x11
Bus speed: 219Mhz
HT link: 1093.5Mhz
Motherboard: ASUS M2A-VM
RAM: 4Gb(2x2) Corsair x-treme X2 so 8Gb total 5-5-5-18 1.90v 800Mhz
OS: Windows home premium 64-bit
Video Card: EVGA 8800GT 512Mb (soon to be EVGA 275GTX 1Gb)

Ive tried to run Prime 95 but it keeps BSOD on me dont know why because ive been running games just fine for 12 hours straight although i dont think they put nearly as much stress on the system, i havent seen a fault beyond prime 95
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  1. i tried downloading coretemps but its not compatible with my cpu, is what it says even tho the site says its compatible with all phenoms. i did get a hold of speedfan, it reads as follows on idle


    GPU: 64
    TEMP1: 56
    TEMP2: 41
    TEMP3: 25
    HDO: 37
    TEMP1: 40
    CORE: 46

    I also upped the voltage on my cpu to 1.275 and ran up heat test on p95 the first temp 1 went up to 70c Core went up to 60c still running now and hasnt crashed
  2. I have the same cpu. I have been curious on overclocking as well..... How has your progress been these past two months?
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