How can i restore my acer laptop if the drive is erase and dont have recovery di

How can I restore my Acer aspire running windos vista if i dont have a recovery disk and the hard drive is erase?
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  1. Contact Acer. They should provide you with a recovery disk.
  2. If F2 or F12 pushed repeatedly while started up does not work, the next step is to try pushing ALT + F10 repeatedly at start up.
    Acer will provide you with a set of theit recovery discs for $14.95. These are NOT Windows 8 recovery discs from microsoft, they are acers. Under acers group license.
    If none of that works you will have to look into your HDD.
  3. Thank you for the reply. I am discussed with acer. They told me that there is no way to access hdd partions, even though it is needed to do a true clean factory restore.
    One of the four restore discs loads on over 40 programs, some of which the user cannot access. Others are used to monitor (manage) your pc. Its a bunch of manure and they lost a lawsuit over recovery media just recently. But acer isn't like most normal companies selling pcs. They are all about the money, and zero customer service (unless its paid for). I know more about tech support then their techs! And not knowing how or not wanting to tell me the key strokes to bring up the partions? There must b something there they don't want erased.
    I can not even get into bios or set up. I did a system restore because my pc had done an uninstall of my office 2010. After watching the message that restore was initializing for over two hours I shut it down. Now nothing. My error. Dvd drive won't read either.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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