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Ive just built this system the components are a GA-EP35C-DS3R motherboard, Coolermaster rs-500-pcar psu,coolermaster hyper tx cpu cooler,e8400 cpu,4 gigs of corsair xms pc2-6400 ddr2-800 memory,a palit 9600gt sonic video card and a samsung sata hd and dvdr.Its a fresh install of vista x64 with all the latest drivers for video sound and etc installed.I have a problem with reboots only while gaming with grid,cod4 or any other game.The machine just reboots after between 3 to 10 minutes of gameplay but only on resolutions higher than 1024x 768.Everything is stock i havent did any overclocks so far.I have ran stress tests and 3dmark and various other programs and everything goes just fine.Please help im about to throw it out in the yard.
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  1. Is your memory timings and voltage set right? might need a .1v oner stock voltage for four gigs of ram.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply runner.I have ran memtest and got no errors ram is at default settings but i will bump it up to see what happens.
  3. Mobos dont always set the right defaults. That could be the issue.
  4. Ok i tried the .1 bump and it rebooted even quicker it didnt even go a minute.
  5. Random Restarts are often a Power Supply issue - Check that yours is good. You say it reboots only if you're using higher resolutions.... which is where your Graphics Card would be pulling more juice since it has to work harder.

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