Slow connection -- need new router?

I have a wireless setup that I use only for internet because the Comcast cable cannot be put in the room where the desktop is. It has worked well generally for the last year, but within the last week it has become very slow, sometimes stopping completely. I have done all the power cycling, resetting the router, etc -- none works. I did a speed test with my laptop: 6 mbps right next to the router, 3 mbps about halfway to the desktop, and less than 1 mbps at the desktop. The desktop couldn't even download the test! Have I narrowed this down to a router problem? If so, any suggestions on a new router? I am currently using a D-Link 614+, an a/b model. I will upgrade to at least "g". Any benefit in spending the extra for "N"? I don't need the speed. Would it significantly improve the signal strength? I don't have a long run -- about 25 feet but 3 walls. Up to recently, the a/b signal was sufficient. Thanks for any help you can give a networking novice.
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  1. Try a using a utility like Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector to scan the airwaves.
    Maybe a new router is on the air near you on your channel.
    Try using another channel on your router.

    "N" will not improve the signal, unless "N" devices are at both ends of the link.
    Same is true for "G" devices.

    I have shared my connection with my neighbor across the street using "G" devices.

    There are larger antennas available for some of the newer routers.
  2. Thanks for the tips.

    I downloaded Xirrus. Only one other network in the area and that didn't seem to present any interference.

    Tried changing to every channel, 1-11, with a speed test for each one. Several came up close to 5mb on the first test, but then I would retest and it would drop below 1mb. Actually lost connection to the network several times. But the laptop set right next to the router continues to connect at about 6mb -- and drops to below 1mb when I move it to the room where the desktop is.

    If I get a new router, I'm planning on also getting a new adapter. So if this is a signal strength problem, do you thing "N' would be worth the added cost?

    Thanks again.
  3. If you are buying both then "N" will be a wise decision.
    I recommend buying both from the same manufacturer.
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