Intel core 2 duo 2 8GHz(10x267) working 1 6GHz(6x267) how to solve this problem?

My Intel core 2 duo 2.8 GHz (10x267) is working and showing in bios 1.6 GHz (6x267) in window xp, vista and window7 also . What is the reseason? How to solve this problem? please help me. My email ID:
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  1. If you have speedstep enabled in the bios then it will slow the cpu down to a multiplier of 6 when it isn't under a heavy load. But when you start a program that puts a load on the cpu it should let the cpu go up to its full multiplier. If your cpu isn't doing that then there is a possibility that the multiplier is set wrong in the bios. You didn't say if this was a laptop or not- my Dell laptop can be set to limit the maximum cpu speed for power conservation. If I change the profile to performance then it will allow the cpu to run at its full speed.
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