What is the difference from PC-8000 and PC-8500?

IS there a difference in these ram from 1000 mhz and 1066 mhz because on newegg 4gb PC-8000 only cost 74$ meanwhile DDR2 1066 cost 119$.

Will PC-8000 work on a P-45 motherboard? and will i notice a difference from PC-8000 and PC-8500 if i use PC-8000?
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  1. Both are PC26400 800Mhz. guaranteed to run at the higher speeds advertised by the manufacturer. JEDEC industry standards go up to PC26400. Both will show up as PC26400 800MHz. on your system and will have to be manually set to the advertised transfer rates, 1000-1066 MHz. Basicaly the RAM will run at slightly higher data transfer rates than OC'd PC26400 800Mhz. DIMMs might. Both fall within advertised specs to work on your P45.
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