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Hello folks im preparing for the cold winter in the upcoming months, i'd like to warm up my room without using the radiator too much ( very expensive here). So i plan to build a new PC with card that runs pretty hot and the card should be cheap too.

My choices are:
CF 2x 4850
CF 2x 4870
CFX 4870X2

To make them hotter, i plan to OC them.

I plan to make big opening in the PC case so the heat will spread rapidly in my room.

which cards should i go with?
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  1. lol, hey I honestly thought it was pretty funny

    but you should at least add to the list:

    8800 Ultra, 8800 GT, gtx280
  2. 2900XT's in Crossfire X = Spaceheater :lol:
  3. Quote:
    you know, your either taking the piss or actually serious. however, i say taking the piss as if you can afford the prices for those cards you can afford heating.

    fcuk off and die troll.

    Holy SH!t lol

    Even I'm scared!
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