Well here is the build i am making...

Well after hanging round the forums here for a while, and researching and learning a hell of alot i must say these are the parts that have been ordered or i have for my new system...i hope its going to be an ok speed machine.

Case : Thermal Take Armour 8000BWS
PSU : Antec Neopower 650w
Mobo : Asus P5Q - Pro
Ram : 4gb of geil ram at 5-5-5-18 (i think)
CPU : q9300
HDD : 2xSata300 seagate baracuda 500GB 32mb
GPU : Asus 9600gt 1gig ddr3
DVD : samsung DVD/RW 22x sata

Any thoughts, be kind as i have already purchased these parts. There is room for future upgrade though.
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  1. 9600gt won't be able to utilize 1gb ram, as the g94 core don't have enough power to run at the high resolutions where 1gb ram becomes an advantage anyway. You need at least a g92 8800gts or hd4850 to take advantage of 1gb ram. Otherwise it's just paying more for no performance gains.

    For ram, 5-5-5-18 is not the best timing, there are 4-4-4-12 timing 2x2gb sticks for $60-80.

    Q9300 is not the best choice for cpu. It suffers from low 7.5x multiplier, limiting overclocking potiential. Get either q9450 for much better performance, at a cost, or q6600 for slightly better performance and value. Both q9450 and q6600 overclocks better than q9300, and when oced, are significantly faster than a q9300 oced to its limits.

    Otherwise good as is.
  2. Points noted, didnt know that about the video card, but as it was pretty much the same price as an asus 512mb i thought what the hell, besides all these video cards confuse me.

    Not really intending to overclock anything on this system though, if i was to go down that path then i would get sme equipment that was very overclockable. I realised that 9300 had a lower multiplier but i wasnt going to spend 100 aus $ more for a 9450
  3. OK, if you don't overclock then the Q9300 is a good idea (it beats the stock Q6600 for example), the multiplier doesn't matter, and the RAM timings don't matter either. You did pretty good in general. :)

    Next time though, ask first & buy later, OK?
  4. Heheh, point taken. Im happy as a general getting kind of back up to spec. I mean the computer im using at the moment... P4 3ghz with Hyperthreading, still using DDR ram, and only 1 gig of it. and a 7300 graphics card...AGP!!

    So i would be happy with pretty much anything ahaha
  5. No worries, it will be a very nice PC. Just spend $300 or whatever in 2010 on a new video card, without changing anything else, and I think you're all set until 2012.
  6. Antec PSU have gone down hill from my expierence with them. You want to get a PSU with a single 12v rail. Corsair has nice ones in the same price range.

    Corsiar 650 watt.

    The 8800gt in the combo deal is a little faster then the 9600gt and if you don't have an operating system it gives you a discount on vista home premium.
  7. Originally i wanted the 620vx, but i got a bit carried away and bought the neopower instead. Next time im gonna stick to mah guns!
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