Cpu cool How to understand reading?

When i run Cpucool, 5 temps shows up.
Temp1:39.0 C
temp3:66.0C sometimes 68.C once 71.C.
themp Sens0:36.0C
GC themp Sen1:65.0C

So which of these is the actual CPU temperture?
And i overclocked my computer from 3.2 Ghz to 4.2 Ghz using stock fans. Is it safe?
what software can i use to stress it?
I have celeron D 352
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  1. Are those temps under load or on idle? GC represents the temperature overall CPU temp. An OC setup can be considered safe once it's passed a barrage of temperature and stability tests. You can try Everest's Lavasys or Prime95's torture mode to check stability, while keeping an eye on CPU temps to see how high the level reaches under stress.
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